Yazmin's Quinceañera


This girl slayyyyyyyed. I was so excited to do her quinceañera photos! I know Yazmin from my sister's club soccer "world". Her dad, Norbel Navarro, coaches the GYSA United '05 Girls Club team and will often exchange coaching notes with my dad.

Yazmin didn't want the classic quinceañera photos with the big dress, lots of bling and makeup; instead she went for more of a model status look, and I was absolutely thrilled to be a part.

Here are three stellar moments from this session:

1. There She Goes

I've never had a session were my client/model made fun of the way I take pictures, and I loved it! :) Yasmin had me laughing so hard through out this session. " She's gotta get those angles, while I stand here staring into the distance." "Oops missed an angle, don't move... got it." Oh the savagery! Lots of laughs and fun with Yazmin!

2. Rather Be

I loved how Yazmin was herself. (I know, I know. I tend to say this about most of my clients, but each person truly does tell their own story in their photos! It always, gets to me as a photographer! I so love what I do!) So with Yazmin, she didn't want a big dress, but opted for her Mexico soccer jersey. She was herself around me, not "acting out" for the camera, or stiff and awkward either. It really makes me happy that she was so relaxed. She was so natural, that I often let her pose herself in her photos, and all I had to do was just remind her to do what feels the most comfortable. It was a good self-check for me, as a photographer. At the end of the day, these are my clients photos, and I am simply here to tell their stories and to capture these special occasions happening in their beautiful lives.

3. Fifteen

I knew when I started working with Yazmin that her photos were going to be amazing. I honestly couldn't believe she was only fifteen! She absolutely dropped-the-mic on this session. I loved how this session shows viewers her youth, but it also showed glimpses of the woman that she will become one day.

Feliz Cumpleaños Yazmin! I hope you had an amazing, fun-filled quinceañera! Thank you so much for letting us have such an awesome time with you, and for choosing Orellana Creative for your quinceañera photos!

Hands down my favorite photo of this session!

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