Workman Family

Chi Town!

In the house! Last year I had an opportunity to met this awesome family from Illinois. Jayson and I hit it off with our street slang LOL and he’s really funny. As I got to know April and the girls, I noticed this family is the real deal. No sugar coating it, no artificial fakeness. These guys will make you laugh at all times.  They are really down to earth and love Jesus. Jayson is a Pastor at Jackson Creek Church in Illinois. Stop by and say hi if ever you are passing through. Taking their photos was a breeze! These girls love their daddy! Hopefully they will come out and visit next year :)

Here are some take aways from this top notch session: 

1. Personally, I Love Personalities :D I love that each person, in the Workman family, had there own personality on displayed in these photos. Not only is this displayed in how they posed, but also in there outfits. Their personalities were the show stoppers in these photos. 

2. Their Stylin'  I love that each outfit had its own style. L.E. wore some cute overalls and a nice shirt complimented with a cardigan. April had a classy dress on with some adorable boot heels. Jayson went with a retro plaid shirt, and Briana had a super cute checkered plaid shirt with a fun leather jacket that emphasized the cuteness and sassiness of her personality. I love how each person's style was their own, and together they created a new style that was uniquely their family's. 

3. Happily :) I love that this family was not camera shy and was willing to do some crazy poses. They even posed in the river! Making a photo session fun is key to awesome photo shots!

This was such a joy-filled shoot and we were so blessed to have captured these awesome moments! For more information and to book your photo session click our Info + Contact page. Christmas is almost here so make sure you have your photos! 

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