What TO Wear

Hands down the most popular question we get is "What outfits should we wear for our photos?"  Over the course of many photo sessions, we have found these tips to be helpful when planning outfits for a photo session. 

Color Scheme >>> Matching

Our biggest recommendation is to choose a color scheme. Color schemes allow more variety and add fun to outfits rather than just trying to match everyone to the same mold. This allows everyone to uniquely express their individuality , but also keeps a cohesiveness to the family photos. With this thought in mind, don't be afraid to use patterns! Patterns can be utilized in building a color scheme. Ah, oh. Too many patterns? Have some members of your party wear solid colors. This will help break up the patterns if you find that your group is beginning to look like a kaleidoscope! In the end, your group’s outfits should coordinate, but not necessarily match. Oh, and an important little tip for men? Always go for the pants/jeans look, avoid the shorts look. (Hmmm, I think this is fairly self-explanatory!) 


Scarfs, Jewelry, Watches, Ties, Hats…don't be afraid to add some fun accessories! Maybe even a special prop or two! (Kids with their favorite toy, or special item.) When it comes to accessories, think outside the box. Let the personalities of your group shine through their accessories. If your son loves the hat, let him wear it! (Ok, within reason. No, beat up or sweat stained hats. For. Real. Be smart!) Let his personality shine in the photos. If your daughter HAS to wear her favorite piece of jewelry, let her wear it! Let her show her fun tastes off! If, when you start your photo session, you have a change of mind about your accessories, no worries! You can always remove them and a simple problem is solved. Rule of thumb, it is always better to be over prepared! We have seen when someone regrets not bringing that special prop or accessory. Don’t be that person! Also, alway feel free to ask your photographer for their opinion. You will get an unbiased view as they look through their creative eye! Trust them to help. They know what works! 


Depth and details, that’s what adding layers do to your outfit. It helps provide texture and added dimension to your photos. With layers, you can “soften up” a seemingly stiff outfit with different fabric textures, or “roughen” the look of an outfit with a simple coat, sweater, or vest (i.e. making the outfit look more outdoorsy). 

Shoes Matter

Nothing, I mean nothing, is more frustrating than everyone dressed in amazing outfits, only to look down and notice that Uncle Bob is wearing flip-flops or brother Kyle is wearing beat up tennis shoes, or Cousin Kate has on flats with holes in them. So, please, remember this next tip. (Any self-respecting “shoeaholic” will tell you this is vital to life!)

YOUR SHOES CAN MAKE OR BREAK AN OUTFIT. Seriously. Shoes are such an essential part to any outfit. You can look like a million bucks or end up looking like just $5, with your shoe choices. (You don’t have to spend a million dollars on shoes. You just need to know how to shop for good quality shoes and get amazing deals! It really won’t break your piggy bank! Ok, sorry, I’m a gal that comes from a family full of “shoeaholics”.  My rant is done!) Shoes do exhibit a person’s personality. Whether you go for the cherry converse or the bling out heels, or go for the high quality loafers or the rugged biker boots,  make sure you are comfortable, that your shoes “look” is a good representation of who you are. 

You Do You

 In the end what makes any outfit is you. You make the clothes, as any fashionistaworth their salt, would say! (Yes, I’m one of those too!!) Everyone is wonderfully different and every family is uniquely special! Your outfits should showcase your individuality while it intertwines well with the mix of your family.  So make the extra effort! Your photos will be a better representation of you and your family’s personality, and, ultimately, reflect what you want others to see in you. No two families are alike, and through photography we get to see the diversity that is all around us!  This is why I love photography so much!! Blessed!

These were just a few tips to help you and your family better plan your next photo session. We have had the privilege of meeting many families over the years and our proud to call them our friends. If you need any photos contact us today! 

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