Walkin' on Sunshine

California! I always enjoy a good California trip. We were in Southern California for my friend, Kelsey's wedding, so of course, we decided to take an extra day for ourselves to head to the beach, and do a little exploring!

First up on our beach adventure was Manhattan Beach. This beach was super clean and had a cute pier that stretched out a ways so you could walk over the ocean. We went around 10 in the morning, which was absolutely perfect. It wasn't too crowded, which made parking easy to find! This beach had perfectly kept volleyball courts and even had volleyballs provided for the players. It was a little foggy, but that quickly disappeared, giving us a clear and beautiful day to play in!

After our beautifully lazy walk on the pier, we went down to the beach and had some good family fun in the water. We laughed, got taken out by waves, enjoyed the sun, and yeah, maybe even got a little sunburnt. ;)

After a couple hours playing at the beach, we worked up a good appetite and decided to look for some excellent seafood. We drove into Hermosa Beach, and found an amazing seafood place called Fish Shop. (It may be a fairly basic name, but the food was anything but!!) This place served some delish entrees! From the Mahi mahi taco topped with tropical salsa, to the coconut shrimp served with sweet chili dipping sauce, it all made for one amazingly satisfying lunch! I definitely will be back to this food spot, and highly recommend this place to any one in the area.

After lunch, Dad and I went across the street to this cool beach VANS store. This store had such a great vintage feel, that definitely gave me some Cali beach vibes. I even found a sweet pair of green vans, but I resisted temptation and did not get them! :( My Dad though? Of course he bought a pair of Vans! But not for himself, for Mom! <3 Because seriously, if you're from California, you need to own a pair of vans! :)

We then spent the rest of the afternoon at Hermosa Beach, which is about a 30 minute walk from Manhattan Beach. Along the way, we came across some super cute beach houses, which had me wanting one for my immediate future! Hermosa Beach also had a lot of fun and quirky beach stores. My favorite beach store was simply called Curious. They had a lot of unique items, and a huge selection of hilarious ones. (Could not stop laughing while shopping here!) Hermosa Beach was a good clean beach as well, but was a lot busier than Manhattan Beach. (This was probably because there happen to be a volleyball tournament going on, which was pretty exciting to see.) This beach also had a pier that had some beautiful views of the surf and ocean.

After our time at Hermosa Beach, we went back to our hotel, and got cleaned up to go down to Venice Beach. Venice Beach had some really amazing wall murals and we had so much fun taking photos in front of them. When the sun went down, we rented electric scooters, which was some crazy fun to ride around on in this beach town. Personally I didn't really care for Venice Beach. It was rather dirty and had some strange "happenings" going on after dark, if you know what I mean. ;)

So to end this amazing day in the most perfect way, we opted for ice cream at the awesome Salt N Straw!

Salt N Straw is my FAVORITE ice cream place ever. My first ice cream experience at Salt N Straw was at their location in Portland, Oregon. And ever since that "life-altering" experience, I always look for a Salt N Straw in my travels. (Shoot, I love their stuff so much I even have the t-shirt! Seriously, I bought a t-shirt to show my loyalty to them! HaHaHa!!) They are known for their unique and yummy flavors, such as avocado fudge, lemon blueberry, coffee bourbon, and peanut butter and jelly, just to name a few. My favorite flavor is hands down, honey lavender. It's sooo good! :) Anyways, if you are ever near a Salt N Straw, make sure to have an extra scoop for me. I promise you won't regret it!

PS-Salt N Straw please come to AZ!!!

Even though we only had this one day to do some adventuring, we didn't waste a minute, and made the most of our time on the Southern California coast! We had such a crazy, amazing, wild and care-free day, and I can't wait for what our next travel adventure holds for us!

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