Reed Family

Let’s Do It! 

Everyone needs someone who will encourage them at the right time and challenge them for more. That’s Andrew Reed. God has used Andrew at a much needed time in my life, to challenge me to have a stronger, trusting faith in God, especially, when I can’t "see" God's answers right away. Where is your faith?, has been a constant question in my life, that I've needed to resolve each and every day. Good, godly friends, like Andrew and Angela, are so important to have, to help pull your thoughts back into the right perspective. 

This photo session was full of adventure and fun. We explored Arizona and were able to capture some memorable moments. The best part about this session is the amount of authenticity captured in this awesome family's photos. Here are some take aways from this session: 

1. Wonderful Wardrobe Angela did such a fantastic job choosing their family wardrobe. What makes their wardrobe unique is they all wore a different color or pattern. This is an excellent example of, instead of choosing a color scheme, they choose a style. They chose warm rustic colors with unique textures. This is something that's rather difficult to achieve, so Angela definitely receives an A+. 

2. Candid Photos This photo session was filled with many candid photos, which are our favorite! There were stand out moments: Ava sitting on a rock watching the water, Allie spinning in her dress, the whole family walking and laughing, Andrew and Adrain joking around, and Andrew helping Angela across part of the river. These moments are pieces that show a family living and enjoying life together. This makes these photos 10x better and more authentic. 

3. Game Time There was a lot of laughing and joking around, but the Reed family was always ready for the camera! They came into the photo shoot ready to have fun, but also ready to take photos. This is an important balance that is very important during a photo session. Too many candid photos, and you'll look out of control. But too many posed photos, will make your family look like mannequins! That's a definite no no!! 

This was such a stunning shoot and we were so grateful to have captured these wonderful moments! For more information and to book your photo session click our Info + Contact page. Christmas is almost here so make sure you have your photos! 

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