Phoenix Rising

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

Soccer, the beautiful game, is a sport that unites people. Everyone becomes unified and rallies behind their team. Supporters cheer for the team. The team plays for their supporters. And me…well…I get to capture it all. 

Phoenix Rising is the new and upcoming soccer team in Arizona. They have currently played 22 games and have won 9 have drawn 6 and have lost 7. At the beginning of the year the team acquired Shaun Wright-Philips, former Manchester City player; Omar Bravo, former Mexican soccer player of C.D. Guadalajara; and Jordan Stewart former MLS Earthquake player. The biggest Phoenix Rising news this year is the acquiring of Didier Drogba, former Chelsea player and Ivory Coast player. Didier is the first person to become a player as well as a co-owner of the team. Phoenix Rising has become one of the twelve candidates for the MLS expansion team; and with a rapid growth in fans and with the help of Didier, Phoenix Rising will be in the MLS in no time. 

Now, you’re probably wondering where I fall in all of this. For those of you don’t know my Dad aka my twin and sidekick photographer, he is a big soccer fan. Like he could kick a soccer ball before he could walk. For his first birthday he scored his 10th goal. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but he loves soccer. In February, he soccer radar got a blip on Phoenix Rising. After some research, he found that they where offering photography internships. He gave me the contact info and BAM! I landed the internship. 

Every home game, I go and take photos of the game, players, fans, and overall experience. And I. Love. It. The fans are so supportive and fun. The players genuinely care about the fans and truly for play for them, and they are so fun to talk to! The games are so exciting and eventful. I mean who doesn’t love a good game of soccer! The organization is also very family oriented! Kids can get posters at the entrance, and players have no problem taking a selfie with them and their friends after the game. 

I love my internship and if you haven’t been to a game, GO! You’ll definitely have fun! Taking pictures of this new and upcoming team is so exciting for me. I love the thrill of capturing the team and fans. And I hope you enjoy my photos, as much as, I enjoyed taking them! 

Below is my top twenty photos of the season thus far. Enjoy!

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