Perkett Family!

This was such a great session! We know the Perketts from GYSA club soccer, since Chloe is Daniella's teammate. I had such a great time getting to know the Perkett's even better than I did before, and I am super stoked with how their photos turned out.

My top three great moments from this session:

1. Burn

Way to go Arizona. LOL! It was so hot the day we did their session, I wasn't sure how long they would last, let alone the photographer! ;) But the Perketts were champs and just worked through the heat! (There was no room for me to complain. If the client can take it, then so can this photographer!)

2. One Foot

While the Arizona heat was pounding on us, we were able to explore a little more of the Salt River to find some amazing and unique spots. I loved that they were totally with me on my ideas and took to each photo shoot as if it was a spontaneous adventure!

3. Oh My Love

This family loves each other! They were hugging each other and laughing at each other, making great memories. This is exactly why I love what I do. When I look at these photos, I can't help but feel apart of their family. They were themselves, just doing what they do best....Family.

This was such an adventurous shoot with all the hiking and climbing we did. I was so happy to have captured these awesome moments, as well as making some wonderful memories with the Perketts! 

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