Oh Canada.

About two months ago, I was able to travel to Vancouver, Canada, to visit one of my closest friends, Amy. I hadn't been to Canada before, and let me tell you, it was amazing! We went site-seeing, did some amazing hiking, watched a movie at the drive-ins, did some good shopping, and my favorite....visited some pretty awesome food places.

I met Amy my 2016 college fall semester. We immediately developed an awesome friendship and have kept in contact ever since. Amy is such a great friend, no matter what's happening, She is always checking in on me, asking me how things are going. Amy had come to my house in Arizona for Thanksgiving in 2016, so I figured it was my turn to visit her! Props to Amy for planning everything while I was there. Amy I miss you so much! I love our friendship and definitely miss our late night drives, jamming to our favorite music,

Alright. I spent a total of five days in Canada and I'm going to brake it down for you all! (Each day is named after one of our favorite jam songs!)

Day 1: Closer

The first day we went exploring in Downtown Abbotsford. Amy lives in Abbotsford, so exploring her cute little town was amazingly fun. We went to a little coffee shop, (you know I love my unique coffee!), where I tried Tumeric coffee. Hmmm, let's just say it's probably an acquired taste, because it tasted like dirt to me. lol). We then visited one of the many floral shop around town. I was super excited to visit, since in Arizona, we don't have actual floral shops per se. (Typically, we go to the grocery store to get flowers.) I think the cashier found me funny, because her small, simple floral shop, made me so happy! Next, we we were off to lunch, at this really good cafe called Polly Fox. I went with Amy's recommendation and got the same waffle BLT sandwich that she did. Soooooo good. :)

Later that afternoon, we met up with Amy's sisters, and went to the Abbotsford tulip festival. Once again, so cute and fun for this Arizona desert girl, surrounded by so many flowers! It had me grinning from ear to ear. After all our flower exploring, we met up with one of Amy's friends and went to a drive-in movie. I've always wanted to go to a drive-in and it was so much fun! (Oh and by the way, if any of you watch Riverdale, we went to the same drive-in (Twilight Drive-In) that they filmed at in season 1.)

Day 2: Done For Me

Vancouver!!!!! I. Love. Vancouver. We went to this cool spot called Gas Town, where everything is vintage and where gas lamp street lights line the streets. We honestly just "impromptu-explored" Vancouver, walking around for awhile, before taking the light rail to the outer parts of the city. Amy knows how much I love photography and aesthetically pleasing locations. So she did some research on popular photographer spots in Vancouver. Yep, I was definitely in heaven. We ate some amazing food, and even went to a mini beach. In all my travels, Portland, Oregon, is my favorite city, but I have to say that Vancouver may have just topped it. To me, Vancouver is a perfect combination of San Fransisco, San Diego, and Portland, but 10x cleaner! lol.

Day 3: I Like Me Better

I really enjoyed Sunday, because we went hiking at Cascade Falls. Hiking has become one of my new favorite hobbies. I loved hiking at Cascade Falls, because there was So. Much. GREEN!! Ironically, green is my favorite color, and since I live in Arizona, it's a rare find! This area was so gorgeous and so green (oh, I already said that!) and so very relaxing. I seriously enjoyed being surrounded by God's creation, so of course my camera was worked overtime. I just love the sense of relaxing myself and my spirit, forgetting about the everyday stresses of life, and just being.

Day 4: Everybody

Monday we just chilled at Amy's house and watched Netflix. Later on that night, we went out to Pop's Chocklit Shoppe. Now if you've ever watched Riverdale, this is where some of the most iconic scenes of the show are filmed. So of course, it was super fun to see where they filmed and, yeah, the milkshakes were really good!

Day 5: Stay

The last day :(

It was honestly so sad leaving, because I had such a great time. Even though we packed our days with a lot of activities, we still had a lot more that we wanted to explore. So on this last day, we went back to Vancouver, to explore this amazing city a bit more. It was Amy's sister's birthday that day, so we went to probably one, if not the best, restaurants I've ever been to, called Honey Salt. It was so adorable, and the food was super delicious. And I wouldn't be an Orellana, if I didn't throw in something soccer related, so I made sure to go by the MLS Whitecaps Stadium, which was sweet to see since it's pretty new.

I aways pick up stuff for my parents and siblings whenever I go out of town. While I did get them each something special, I did something unique as well, and brought back a bunch of Canadian candy and snacks. This was so much fun! We were all able to taste these different food and rate what our favorites were. To be honest, this wasn't even all the food I brought back. I also brought back some gourmet chocolate called Purdy's chocolate. (soooo good)


Me: My absolute favorite is Fuzzy Peaches (which are completely different and 10x better than peach rings) close second would be Sour Patch Cherry Bombs.

Mom: Wunderbars

Dad: Coffee Crisp

Brandon: Everything

Casey: Fuzzy Peaches

Daniella: Fuzzy Peaches

I was really happy that my family enjoyed trying the different foods/candy. We even had friends come over to try everything! (BTW- you can buy Maltesers at Target and Ruffles All Dressed Chips at Safeway :))

Thanks for sticking with me through this insanely long blog post! I hope you were able to forget about life for 10 minutes and enjoyed looking at Canada through my eyes. I had such a great time in Canada, and I can't wait to visit again! Have a fabulous day you awesome people! Until my next adventure!

Oh, yeah, and here are a couple of sweet airplane shots I was able to get! (lol! You seriously thought I don't sit by the window?! :D )

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