Manchester United

On July 19th, I had the awesome opportunity to take photos at the Manchester United vs Club América game. One of my friends that I know from Phoenix Rising (shout out to Aaron!) asked if I wanted his media pass for the game. Of course I want your media pass, Aaron!! I so jumped on this opportunity as quickly as I could!

Not only is it a rare occasion that Manchester United would play in Arizona, but to be able to be on the side lines taking photos?! Can’t pass that up!

The game was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium, and it was amazing being that close to the action, as well as, seeing all the different staging areas for the media and photographers' rooms.

Okay. My most memorable moment about this game, was not even the game itself. Ummm, what?! Alright, time for a funny/crazy story!

When you’re a photographer or working in the media, you typically receive media credentials, as well as, a parking pass for a specific section. Usually it's not a fabulous spot, but not a terrible spot either. Well, this time, for this game, was terrible. They had all media park on the complete opposite side of the entrance to the stadium. Took me probably a solid 45 minutes to find this parking lot.

Once I found it, and parked, I began to make my way to the stadium. Now I'm wearing my media credentials so security would know why I’m carrying a camera bag and should be able to get to certain areas of the stadium. As I'm making my way through security, I'm suddenly stopped and told that the media security entrance was all the way on the opposite side of the stadium. (Yes, the side that media was originally supposed to be parked on.) Apparently it's the only way I could enter the stadium since I needed a special tag for my bag. Never-mind the other badges I have, my bag doesn't have one, so I need to get this important tag for my bag.

Mind you, there are tons of people and it's the dead middle of summer in Arizona. (Hot, too hot!!) So, I turn around and start making my hike to the other side of the stadium. (I know, some of you are thinking that doesn't sound that bad. LOL! I had to walk around the outside edge of the front of the parking lot jammed full of fans to get to the other side.) Eventually, a security lady notice my credentials and had mercy on me! I must have looked bad or something. :) She suggested to walk along the inside of the security check points to make it easier and faster for me to get to the field.

FINALLY. I was able to start making some head way. About three minutes after talking to her, thinking the "drama" is over, I noticed a man in a black shirt following me. Picking up the pace, I continued walking and then noticed he had been joined by another man in an orange shirt. Sigh, yay me. I decided to make my way back towards the crowds so I'm not alone with these guys, when the man in the orange shirt started yelling “Ma’am” at me. (Hey, do I look like a Ma'am? Sheesh.) Annoyed, I turned around and asked them what they wanted.

Now here's the tea. They literally have had security following me this whole time, because they thought my back was a security threat. If you think I’m joking, he was on the radio the whole dang time saying the situation was under control. One up for me, because apparently I’m scary as heck. After they searched my bag and noticed my credentials, which had already been taken care of, they slapped a wristband on my bag and let me through to the field entrance. For all the drama they created, you'd think it would be more official than that. Nope. Just a generic paper wristband on my bag to be secure. A wristband....smh….

So, even though it took me and hour and a half to park, get into the stadium, and down to the field, the game was well worth it.

I hope my little "game security tale" made you laugh, because I was definitely not laughing at the time.

Alright now. Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Game photos!

These are some of my favorite shots of the night.

I shot these on my Canon EOS6D with a 100-400mm lens.

My review on the 100-400mm lens. I actually did not care for this lens granted I did rent the first version of this lens, and I’ve heard the second version is far better. If I use a zoom lens for sports typically I use a 70-200mm. And I do like that one better than the 100-400mm. But The photos still turned out great and I can’t complain :)

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