Joe! Before this shoot, I didn't know Joe at all. He is friends with Christopher, whose own graduation photos I had shot several weeks earlier. Apparently Joe liked Christpher's grad photos so much that he asked for my contact information so he could schedule a photo shoot for his graduation photos too! (Love it when a client is so satisfied with their photos that they're more than happy to help get OrellanaCreative's name out!!) It was fun getting to know Joe and learning more about his future plans as well as some of his hobbies.

Three cool moments of this session:

1. The Way I am

I had a great time getting to know Joe and what he enjoyed. I liked the fact that Joe was relaxed and himself. He knew exactly what he liked and what he didn't. He was very emphatic that he didn't want to wear all of his graduation gear, so we worked around the "no-gown rule" and were able to get some awesome shots with the hat and tassel.

2. Shoot to Thrill

Joe used to play club soccer for Scottsdale Blackhawks. It was great talking "shop" since Scottsdale Soccer is now linked with Phoenix Rising. (I use to be a photography intern at Phoenix Rising.) I love the shots we were able to get with him in his soccer jersey, as well as, some cool action shots. :D

3. Here Comes the Sun

The sun during this shoot was really, really bright even thought is was done at 6:30 in the evening. (Thank you very much Arizona desert sun!) What I ended up enjoying about this, was how we were able to manipulate the lighting for these photos. I used backlighting, partial lighting, and even direct sunlight to capture different textures in his shots. This also lends each photo its own uniqueness and may just have you wondering if we went to multiple locations or just stuck to one. ;)

Here are some fun facts about Joe:

  • Joe was born in Japan

  • He played in the National League

  • Joe is in the STEM Scholar program

  • He's played 10 years of club soccer

  • He's traveled to six countries

Congrats, Joe on graduating High School! I hope you have a blast at ASU in the fall! Thank you so much for letting me have such an awesome time taking your photos, and for choosing Orellana Creative for your graduation photos!

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This is my favorite shot of this session!

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