Updated: Apr 18, 2018

Isaac, Isaac, where do I begin. I remember the first time I met Isaac, he told me he played soccer and I remember thinking, “Can you really play, or are you just saying that?” He came out to practice with my co-ed team and, yeah, the kid could really play.

Isaac has been good friends with my brother and sister, since they go to the same high school. I definitely treat Isaac like one of my siblings and what shocks me the most is how well he rolls with it. Isaac is such a fun person to be around and can genuinely make you laugh whether he’s making fun of you or making fun of himself.

Here are three grand moments from this session:

1. Ho Hey

As I mentioned before, Isaac is like a brother to me and this session was filled with so much sarcasm and laughter. Couldn't stop laughing when I told him to be serious, and instead, it became a massive struggle for him to NOT smile without cracking up. Or, and this one is even better, the time I asked him to sit and put his feet on the table and he couldn’t reach! (Since I'm like 5 inches taller then him.....yeah, I'm still laughing about that one!)

2. Style

One thing that makes me laugh is that Isaac is always on point with his outfits. Even down to the very accessories and shoes he sports. He could put most girls to shame with how "coordinated" his outfits become. He’s always trending, so I was kind of excited to see what styles he would put together for his photos.

3. River Deep - Mountain High

One of Isaac’s biggest fears is heights. We weren't aware of this until we were on the top floor of a parking garage and we had this cool idea to have him sit on the wall and look out at the city. (These shots turned out amazing by the way). What I didn’t know was how high up we actually were on this building, so…as you can see, Isaac looks cool in these photos, but he was hard core panicking on the inside. Lol! Poor kid.

Congrats Isaac on graduating high school! All kidding aside, I know you’re going to do some amazing things for God, and can’t wait for you to go crush it. Just remember to send me some lumpia every once in a while. ;) Thank you so much for letting us have such an amazing time with you and for choosing Orellana Creative for your graduate photos!

I had a great time taking Isaac’s senior photos and hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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This photo was sick!

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