Garcia Family!

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

For every family that we photograph, it's always a great time and experience. But there is always something "extra" when that family has been personal close friends to us for so many years.

This week's post is actually a big THANK YOU to The Garcia Family, who have been that to us!

If anyone could have the most pictures cataloged and saved of her family, without actually being a photographer, it would be Chrissy. (She actually puts us to shame sometimes!! :) ) She's the Momma who knows how to get the "men" in her family to "happily" participate in their family photo shoots! And the men of the family are more than willing, because they know how much it means to her!

The love and care that you sense, and actually may feel, when looking at their pictures is not just another pose or an act for the camera. It's the real deal. As their friends, we always see, maybe even participate a little bit, in the fun and the fuss that make up their lives. But as their photographers, we get to capture these memories of their family's mayhem! (No, no we don't photograph and tell! Ha!) So much love to you all, Dave, Chrissy, 'lil David, and Luke!!

Hey, soooo, have you noticed a common thread in our blog posts? We hope you have! Nope, it's not just the pictures, it's not just the people, it's not just the's about the participation, it's about the enthusiam, it's about the enjoyment of life being lived! Together as families, as individuals, as friends coming together to remember their special moments in time that are so special but, oh, so fleeting. 

What better way to look back on your memories than through photography! Let your stories shine for your "whole world" to see!

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