Friedlund Family!

In the 90s there was a singer named Michelle Branch, she had some great pop songs that people loved to sing along with. (I bet you know her once you hear them) She wasn't flashy or lip syncy (is that a word) She was talented her and her guitar. Well I started to hum those songs and more as we did this photoshoot of the Friendlund family. 

We have photographed Paula and her family before. Cool to see Eliana getting older every photoshoot. Elaina was starting to love music so Paula started having her take guitar lessons at 7 1/2. She joined the Garage Rock Academy in July 2016 and started singing in a band right away. After six months of guitar lessons, she started playing lead guitar in another band.  She’s since been the lead singer and rhythm/lead guitarist in the band Isolation.  Eliana along with other bands (coordinated by the owner, Eric Morrison) perform monthly at different venues in the valley.  The FB page has showcase dates and locations.  She loves performing a variety of music and has done songs from Taylor Swift, Beatles, Maroon 5 (probably her favorite to perform) 

As I photographed she was actually playing. "Do you know this song?"  "Yes, Smells Like a Teen Spirit." As she put the beginning guitar riff in my head for the whole day. lol. Play a song and I can name it. She dont know who she's messing with :) But she got me with a Juanes song. (gotta catch up with my Latin pop songs). 

Photoshoot was fun, beautiful, and musical. Such a wonderful family thats not afraid to just have some fun. I do believe I shot a future Album/CD cover :)

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