Every Picture Tells a Story

Because every picture tells a story….

Sitting here thinking of what to write for our blog this week….and as I looked to my right, I see sitting on my desk the new OrellanaCreative t-shirts that we have created for our clients. (Yes, Hector created the artwork and also imprinted them in house, with our brand new heat press!! Ya Hoo!! Okay, okay, not everyone gets excited about a heat press, I get it!!)

Anyways, I eye the simple but catchy little phrasing on the shirts and I realize this needs to be our blog thought for the week.

One of our firm beliefs as photographers is that every picture we take should tell a story. Whether it’s a wedding, family shot, sports photography, or yes, even landscape photos, each “genre” should capture your eye, grab your attention, and have you truly feel the experience of that special moment in time, that was captured by the camera lens.

Photography to us, is more than a means to record an event or to chronicle some sort of “history”. It’s not a chore to be done, but an art form that we use to encapsulate the spirit of who or what we are photographing. 

Photographing a wedding….is our way of beginning the story of a new couple’s marriage, of showing the love, emotion, and new journey that they are beginning.

Photographing a family with their children….we want their photos to portray them with all their family quirks and peculiarities!! (Even when the children are crying!!) Every family is individual. Family photos should portray that. No cookie cutter photos allowed!!

Photographing sporting events….our photos are shot to convey the energy and enthusiasm that you would have felt at that moment if you had been at the event. Sports shots are some of the most difficult to take. To look at a sport’s photo and actually be able to imagine the action that surrounds that photo…that is mad photography skills!!

Photographing landscape or nature….we wait patiently for the best timing so the right photo will be taken so that each time someone views that photo they can actually feel the atmosphere of the photo, to feel as if they are actually there. 

Okay, so there is a little secret I should share with you! It’s actually easy to take pictures!What?!?! Why would I even suggest that what we do, anyone can do!! Why would you even need a photographer?! I mean, you can do it with a smartphone, a disposable camera, a polarized camera, or a fancy expensive complicated camera. Like, even my mom can pick up her phone and snap a picture, and she’s not artistic at all!

But did you know that the actually act of taking the photo is only one small aspect? Being photographers is more than snapping the button on the camera. Before the photos, we research for the best locations, we “design” the right type of poses, we even help with outfit or theme ideas. And after the photo shoot?!? We aren’t nearly finished! We have several photography editing programs that help us ensure that we give beautiful photos that our clients can be proud of. No worries about hair out of place, a random photo boomer in the back ground, or some ill timed drool from the baby! We take care of that, putting in several more hours of work. (No cutting corners here! To do it right, you take your time!)

You see, photos are taken every day, of everyday life. (You see them constantly, on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram…) But to be able to look at a photo and be captivated by it, to be absorbed in the subject matter of it, that is a photo that is not just “everyday”.  That is a picture that is telling its audience its story.

And that is our photography style. Captivating. Entrancing. Storytelling. Pictures.

Let us tell your unique story today!

- Erica Orellana

© orellana creative 2020