Davila Family

Last Sunday, we had such a great time with the Davila Family! Gil has been my assistant coach in soccer for the past 2 seasons and has been a great help and friend to me. He pulls no punches with me and I appreciate the honesty and confidence he gives. I know that for many sports teams the coaches tend to clash and even may dislike one another but fortunately we balance each other. Even when we are too intense and seem to be stressing it! But knowing that we can laugh and be a buffer for each other relieves that stress. Funny story needed?!  Yes, please! 

I once thought I texted my wife during pregame and accidentally texted him "I love you" LOL. As he was helping with warming up the girls, he turns and says "I love you too". What?! Excuse me? He flashed his phone and I saw my mis-sent text! And that, ladies and gentlemen was the start of our Bro-mance. Nah, Just Kidding, Kim!! LOL (She still teases me.) HaHa!

I'm so glad I have the opportunity to not only work with Gil, but also to coach his sweet girl Haley. It's been great to get to know Kim as well, and of course, Maddie! She's is such a ham! One thing for sure, Gil has some sweet girls that love him a lot. (ok, and maybe I still do too LOL :) 

So back to our photo session! Here are some fun take aways from this session: 

Outfits Baby!

Their outfits were awesome and reflect each of their personalities. This was a perfect example of letting the kids stand out. The girls wore fun and bright colors while their parent's outfits brought balance to their color scheme. The element of accessories was applied perfectly. From Maddie's bow and necklace, to Gil's sneakers the accessories were light but meaningful. 

Relaxed The Davilas were absolutely amazing in front of the camera. They were so relaxed and acted as if the camera wasn't there! (A photographer's dream!) They made posing seem easy and just enjoyed being a family, which you can definitely see reflected in their photos.

Enjoyed the Moment Something that is absolutely amazing to capture, as photographers, is when our clients enjoy themselves. When families are relaxed and having fun, our job as photographers just got a whole lot easier. We actually get the perfect shot and capture the perfect photo, while you relax and hangout with your family. These typically end up being our favorite photos, because it shows something unique in each family. The Davila's family chemistry was awesome. Kim and Gil were so relaxed and had fun, and Maddy and Haley loved the attention of the camera! ;)

Check out some photos of the Davila family session below! We hope you enjoy them as much as we had fun taking them! Christmas season is officially upon us! Make sure to schedule your session with Orellana Creative today! 


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