Updated: May 8, 2018

This was definitely the quickest photo session I have ever done. Christopher was so on point and ready to go. I hadn't met Christopher before this session, so it was great to get to know him and what his plans are for his future.

Here are three on point moments from this session:

1. Ready to Run

Christopher was quick. I'm talking like, he did three outfit changes in less than an hour! He was also so relaxed in front of the camera, which allowed me to do my job effortlessly.

2. Smooth

I loved Chistopher's outfit changes. They each resembled a different characteristic of his personality. He even tapped into his college "vibes" with his Stony Brook University shirt. This is where he'll be attending college in the fall.

3. Livin' la Vida Loca

Christopher was referred to me by one of my friend's Nico. I had done Nico's graduate photos two years ago, so it was great to see Nico again. One thing that Nico, Christopher, and I have in common is that we're all "hybrids", meaning we're all half Hispanic. So it was fun to see our parents speaking Spanish, and yes, I know, I need to catch up on my Spanish! *eye roll* lol

Here are some fun facts about Christopher:

  • His right hand is smaller than his left hand.

  • He is Perry High School's class of 2018 salutatorian.

  • Christopher can use chopsticks better than the average bear (His verbiage, not mine!).

  • He can do a killer belly roll? (Huh.)

  • Christopher has a vertical of 26.5"

Congrats, Christopher on graduating High School! I wish you the best of luck at college this fall! Thank you so much for letting us have such an awesome time with you, and for choosing Orellana Creative for your graduation photos!

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This was my favorite shot of this session!

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