How do I know Burner? Well, I don't or should I say didn't, BUT..... Christopher and Joe, you know, the seniors in our previous blog posts, were showing off their awesome photos to their friend Burner, and bam!, here we are at another senior session. I really enjoyed talking with Burner and learning more about what he enjoys and what his goals for his future are.

Here are three hold-the-phone moments from this session. (Seriously...had my Dad hold my phone for me while I worked!) :

1. Live It Up

So. Burner is like really good at soccer. I mean like crazy good. He was on the varsity team for Campo Verde High School and they were Arizona State Champions this year! He even got a sweet championship ring for their title (see below). Burner also plays Arsenal Club Soccer and has received a scholarship to play for Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

2. Big Rings

Now thats a ring. Huge, stand out, take me seriously, kind of ring. By the end of the session I was majorly coveting a ring like that of my own!! lol.

3. High Hopes

No that isn't an illusion, it isn't photo shopped either; Burner can really jump that high. I love these types of shots because they always show off a person's fun personality, their energy and their sense of "having a good time". Bet you can't guess what his vertical is! (It's gonna shock you!)

Here are some fun facts about Burner:

  • English is his second language

  • Burner loves sushi

  • Burner has a 37 inch vertical. (I told you!)

  • He's a Soccer State Chamion

  • He's traveling to Japan this summer!

Congrats, Burner on graduating High School! When you make it to the US Mens National Team, remember to save me some tickets lol ;)! Thank you so much for letting me have such an awesome time taking your photos, and for choosing Orellana Creative for your graduation photos!

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