Bryce and Emily Sneak Peak :D

This past Sunday, we had an awesome time photographing Bryce and Emily's wedding. Capturing a couple's wedding, in picture, is such a fun and fulfilling experience. Being able to be a part of a couple's most important day in their lives, is an amazing privilege. The groom looking at the bride for the first time. Families coming together in celebration. Memories being made - some sweet, others maybe a little salty! :) Friends laughing and dancing. Promises being made. Rings being exchanged.  And love. Love bringing everything and everyone together. That's what it's all about. Love. (Ahhh, such hopeless romantics we are!)

These are all elements and moments of time, that we feel are essential for the wedding photographers to portray in a couple's wedding pictures. Capturing the emotions of the ceremony. Conveying the couple's intimate thoughts in a well staged photo.  Representing the atmosphere of excitement and fun at the reception. Your wedding photos should always be a clear wonderful reminder of the feelings you felt on one of the most important days of your life. Each photo should recall to your heart exactly what you felt on this special day, for the most special person in your life.  This is Your Day. These are Your Photos. This is Your Love. 

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