Two things that I truly love and enjoy are soccer and coffee. So of course I knew when Brooklyn said she loved soccer and coffee as well, that her photo session was going to be sweet! I love this session because it was full of her chill personality! Brooklyn is a player on my dad's soccer co-ed team. (Her dad also happens to be the president of GYSA, (Gilbert Youth Soccer Association.) I hadn't met Brooklyn prior to her session, and I absolutely enjoyed getting to know her. My first impression of her was that she was a bit shy and quiet. But actually, Brooklyn is secretly funny! So pay attention when this chick is talking, so you can catch her little side-remarks! If you don't, you just might miss the funny! :)

Here are three stand-out moments from this session:

1. Sorry, Not Sorry

Okay, this one really has nothing to do with photography, but it was such a key "common factor moment" for Brooklyn and I. (This is really a lesson on finding commonality with a client, and making them feel comfortable.)

One comment that I hear all the time, is that I look exactly like my dad. It’s almost comical how people that know my dad, but are just meeting me for the first time, stare in surprise and then blurt out, “You’re Hector's daughter right? Because you look exactly like him!” Ironically, I’ve never really been able to say this to anyone…until I met Brooklyn. I remember while we were talking, I couldn't stop thinking how much she looked like her dad. And then I find myself blurting out, “I’m sorry, but I just have to say, you look exactly like you’re dad.”! AHHH, I became one of those people! :) I told her I, I totally understood, I get that all the time too! We both burst out laughing, exchanging multiple stories of our shared "Woe"!

2. Just the Way You Are

One thing that I loved about this session, and this, actually, is what makes Brooklyn such a great person, is that she was completely herself. No awkward poses, or uncoordinated outfits that you knew she didn't feel comfortable in. She had three outfit changes that reflected the cool and different aspects of her individuality. Each different part came together to compliment, as well as, complete her personality.

She had also brought her, never-leave-home-without-it soccer ball, and we were able to capture some awesome shots showing her foot skill.

Lastly, we headed over to, yes, you're correct, a local coffee shop. (Remember, she loves soccer and coffee! Gotta get both in the session!) Peixoto is an amazing coffee shop, and we were allowed to take some stunning photos inside!

3. Unbreakable Smile

This girl loved to smile and she has a great one too! Like seriously, when she smile's it's hard not to smile back. It's contagious, and in my opinion, that's a rare and lovely people skill to have!! :)))

Brooklyn's Fun Facts, in her own words. (By the way, I enjoyed these way to much, lol):

  • “The first time I touched a soccer ball with my foot, was when I was a day old in the hospital.”

  • “I’ve broken all my fingers except my thumbs.”

  • “The first concert I went to was the Cheetah Girls.”

  • “I sang Taylor Swift at the school talent show in fourth grade.”

  • “I played the same trumpet my Dad did in school.”

  • “I could dribble a soccer ball before I could walk (by holding my mom's fingers to walk)”

Congrats, Brooklyn on graduating High School! I had so much fun getting to know you and loved how your photos turned out! I’m sure I’ll see you on the soccer field, lol. Thank you so much for letting us have such a fun time with you and for choosing Orellanacreative for your graduate photos!

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