Brooke!'re the real MVP. I met Brooke through soccer, the year after I graduated high school, I would often go practice with my Dad's soccer team just for fun. Although we never actually played together, we had fun practicing together and I always loved catching up with her on all the "what's happenings!" in her life. I was super excited when she asked if we could do her senior photos and, honest to God, this definitely was one of my favorite sessions I've ever shot. (Yeah, I know, I know. I say I love them all, which I do, but this one....beautiful!) I love almost every photo we captured and the water shots are drop the mic stunning.

Here are my three "Drop the Mic" moments of this session:

1. Try Everything

One of my favorite things about this session was that I was able to capture so many new shots that I haven't photographed before. Part of what made this happen was because of Brooke herself. She was literally down to trying every crazy idea I came up with. I think the pictures honestly speak for themselves.

2. Everything Has Changed

Brooke's outfits were absolutely on point. Gorgeous. What I loved about her outfit choices was that they were three completely different looks. Each look was a different part of Brooke's personality. Since Brooke's outfits were all so different, it made it look like we went to three different locations, when actually, we stayed in the same one through the whole photo shoot!

3. Adventure of a Lifetime

I love how adventurous this photo session was. When Brooke told me she wanted to go in the river I was beyond excited! The water was pretty cold, we got extremely wet, but we both worked it! :) These shots are "one of a kind" amazing!

Here are some fun facts about Brooke!

  • Brooke was born in Texas

  • She's been playing soccer since she was five :D

  • She want to pursue nursing!

  • Brooke loves any and all movies

  • Her favorite place to be is the beach!

Congrats, Brooke on graduating High School! This was such a fun shoot and I hope you loved it as much as I did. Thank you so much for letting us have such a fun time with you and for choosing Orellanacreative for your graduation photos!

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