Boothe Family!

Tis the season for family photos! Our most favorite time of year! (Okay, so is Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not going to lie about that!) We had the awesome opportunity to photograph a pretty amazing family last week and the results are...well...AMAZING. Absolutely amazing! Did I already say amazing?!?. Yep, sure did!  

The Booth Family were so natural throughout the shoot, seeming to actually enjoy their time in front of the camera! You can really see their personalities shine through in their photos. They showed no fear in trying anything adventurous-they even climbed a tree for the fun of it! Their kids Kallie, Colton, and Layla, were so fun to work with.

We love, absolutely love - wait did I say love already?!? Yep sure did!!- when kids have fun with us and aren't afraid of the camera. But even better?! The parents had fun and weren't afraid of the camera either!! Wait, seriously, you say?! Yes, I'm serious. Many times, it's not the kids "pitching fits" about taking photos - it's the adults!!

Chad and Heather were wonderful. Hands down wonderful. Did I already say wonderful?!? Yep, sure did!! No camera shyness to be found and they were just simply fun! We had an absolute blast and their photos definitely speak for themselves.  

Some noteworthy moments of this session: 

1. Outfits. Their outfits were on point. Literally, their outfits were such a great reflection of their personalities, both individual and the family as a whole. 

2. Personalities!!! We love when family's have fun and enjoy being together. This is an important element that we can't create but can definitely capture. You'll see, when you peruse their photos here!

3. Freeze... While its fun to have families be themselves, it is also important to have a balance between fun and posed photos.  We always need a couple posed photos and the Booths did and awesome job of smiling on cue, as well as playing around once the shot was taken. 

We hope you enjoy the sneak peek of the Booth Family session down below! Orellana Creative has a few spots left for the holiday season, make sure you book your session and claim your spot with us today!  Don't forget to like this post and to hit the share button! 

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