Updated: Apr 18, 2018

This graduate session was so. much. fun. Bailey was so much fun to work with, she was so relaxed in-front of the camera and was not afraid to let her personality shine!

Five fun facts about Bailey:

1: She plays soccer

2: She also does competitive swimming

3: She loves to draw and paint

4: She enjoys reading in her spare time.

5: She loves acting and performing in plays

I absolutely love the way these photos came out and hope you do to!

Here are three stellar moments from this session:

1. Nobody But Me

I think my favorite part of this session was that Bailey was so comfortable in-front of the camera. She was just being herself! I always have some crazy ideas and I love that she was totally down for them.

2. One Thing

Every graduate has there one thing that they love such as: sports, music, dance, and art. I was super excited to find out that she was on the soccer team at her high school! Capturing hobbies makes sessions more personable and fun!

3. Route 66

Cherry Red Porsche Speedster. Enough said. Just look at the photos. You’re welcome.

Congrats Bailey on graduating high school! We hope you good do amazing things and live your life to the fullest! Thank you so much for letting us have such a fun time with you and for choosing Orellana Creative for your graduate photos! Congrats!!!!

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